Lessons from a llama farmer


At People On Point, we believe that the team is the most important asset of any company, anywhere. And that business is better, life is better when everyone involved is empowered, inspired and engaged.

It doesn’t matter where the people in that team come from, what language they speak, whether they are male or female, tall or short, pink or brown or blue, silly or sensible, highly trained, part-time, or all of the above. People are people. It doesn’t even matter how old they are.

For that reason, in order to explain our mission, we were inspired to do so through the medium of a children’s tale. So strongly do we believe in the fundamental ideas behind the People On Point process, we know they will also ring true when explained in the simplest terms. Children, who have no time for complicated jargon, and are rightly unimpressed by posturing and pretensions, are the toughest audience of all.

Mr Amazco is an ordinary llama farmer who, forced by circumstance to make drastic changes to his business, learns a series of important lessons. With the help of many colourful characters along the way, Mr Amazco watches as magical things start to happen on the farm. By the end, he’s a very long way from being ordinary anymore.
Mr Amazco's Story

If you would like to read Mr Amazco’s story for yourself, please get in touch here.

While Mr Amazco’s team is largely made up of llamas, and most businesses mostly employ people, the central message of his adventure is that by treating those who work for you as well as you expect your Customers to be treated, you too can witness quite extraordinary results.