People On Point for Les Sources De Caudalie

Employee turnover… today this has become a key concern for companies who want to secure their competitiveness. Because it is the human capital that makes the difference today in increasingly competitive markets, in response to the higher standards demanded by Customers.
To effectively address this issue, the Source de Caudalie Group decided to work with People On Point. Objective: to define and develop a genuine Engagement strategy. “Each time talents leave the company, we have failed in some way,” says Jérôme Tourbier, president of the family group Les Sources de Caudalie and president of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

People On Point, therefore, accompanied the Group to identify the specific issues of the brand and to make its Employees true ambassadors of the strategy. “You have to include the Employee in the adventure from the word go, right from the job offer,” says Erik Perey, founder of People On Point. The purpose of this background work is to develop and reinforce the brand image both among the candidates and talents already hired. “The more we do for the Employees, the more they come back for more and become true ambassadors. That’s the whole point of this approach,” concludes Jérôme Tourbier.

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