The Net Promoter®️ Score

The Net Promoter®️ Score is a loyalty measurement that classifies Customers and Employees into three groups according to their degree of enthusiasm and their commitment to recommending your company or product to a friend or colleague: Promoters (score of 9 or 10) are loyal enthusiasts who will continue to buy your products or services and recommend these to others, fuelling your company’s growth. Passives (score of 7 or 8) are satisfied but not enthusiastic Customers who are susceptible to offers from your competitors. Finally, Detractors (score from 0 to 6) are dissatisfied Customers who can damage your brand image and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.

The NPS is calculated by taking the percentage of promoters and subtracting the percentage of detractors. NPS scores can therefore range from -100 (where all Customers are detractors) to +100 (where all Customers are promoters). At People On Point, we calculate our NPS on a quarterly basis for all participants in our POP training courses.

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