Introducing… People On Point: Insights

I’m delighted to welcome you to People On Point Insights, our Employee Engagement blog.

Over the coming months (and years), we’ll be sharing with you many of the lessons we have learnt in our time working with people from many different backgrounds, in a wide range of industries.

The one thing that unites us in our successes and gives meaning to the purpose we choose to pursue, is the people. We live in a world where human capital, as a resource, has changed; which has moved on from the industrial revolution commodity it once was, through the fast growth consumerism of the past and capital world as a whole.

Employees’ expectations have changed, possibly forever. Relationships with our working life have evolved to become something more demanding, yet more meaningful and more balanced. We understand how to harness that power, how to optimise it so it works harder for your business, and how empowering your people can create a better world as we do it.

We hope you’ll join us in the debate and warmly encourage you to be active in the conversations and to challenge the status quo and to ask those difficult questions.

Welcome to Insights.