Employee Engagement: all the facts at hand to reap the benefits

Ever heard of Employee Engagement? Yes, of course, you have. Everyone is familiar with it…or at least claims to be. The expression is bandied about without ever pinning down exactly what it means. And yet, it has become a notion that is crucial to the performance of a company, an approach not to be confused with broader concepts such as “happy corporate culture” or “satisfaction”.

Employee Engagement goes further, opening up more prospects for brands. It sets out to “measure the psychological investment of an Employee within an organisation”, to go by the 2017 Employee Engagement Survey, published by AON, a company specialising in risk management and human resources.

It hinges on three key questions:

  1. Would an Employee recommend their company?
  2. Do they intend to make a long-term commitment to their employer?
  3. Do they feel recognised and ready to take their Engagement to another level?

These three questions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to brand values. This is what we believe and promote every day at People On Point.

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