Nespresso, Fauchon and Orange … three Employee and Customer Engagement strategies deployed with the help of People On Point

It’s an important date for a legendary brand: Fauchon is opening its first hotel in Paris. The People On Point team supported this historic milestone to shape the perfect Customer promise that is perfectly in step with the Employee promise. “Together, we created a powerful momentum,” explains Jérôme Montantème, Managing Director of Fauchon Hotel Paris. “We defined the unique values that set us apart in terms of the human side of our service and support for our teams.” Customer captivation and Employee Engagement are structured around a number of key concepts: enjoying making people happy, celebrating, generating attention, creating a feast for the senses, daring to be different.

To help define its values, Nespresso decided to give priority to listening to its team members through the “Nes’ Sens” project, deployed in collaboration with People On Point. This fully inclusive approach was the opposite of the “top-down” logic that generally drives this kind of activity; it allowed them to identify a cultural foundation shared by everyone. Four values emerged as universal: friendliness, team spirit, nimbleness and boldness. They sum up the secret to Nespresso’s success. “We embarked on this process to stay true to our mantra, our ‘symmetrical attention’ ambition – in other words, to give the same attention to our Employees that we give to our Customers,” explains Hélène Gemahling, the brand’s Human Resources Director. A mantra that is entirely shared and encouraged by People On Point.

We applied a completely different aspect of Employee Engagement in our work with the telco Générale de téléphone. This service company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orange, wanted to carry out a qualitative assessment of the Employee experience at all levels of the organisation (head office, front and back office, etc.). Many so-called “environmental” surveys investigate Employee satisfaction. They provide a snapshot of a particular moment in time, but give no insight into the causes of the problems they reveal, and thus do not enable specific responses to be formulated. Working with the People On Point method, which is centred around eight Golden Rules, listening to every Employee and performing a semantic analysis of what they said, Générale de téléphone was able to identify the common Engagement factors and other factors specific to certain jobs. It was an essential first step to strengthen the Employee experience within the company.

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In the words of Hélène Gemahling, HR Director at Nespresso