People On Point central to the Employee Engagement and Customer Experience of Orange retail network in France

Since its creation, Générale de téléphone, the service company from Orange has made the Engagement of women and men at the service of Customer satisfaction and operational performance its primary source of added value.

To further improve the Engagement of all its teams (headquarters, front, back, operational, functional …), it was decided to set up a qualitative assessment of the Employee experience through the collaborative platform POP.

Many organisations have implemented so-called climate surveys or Employee satisfaction surveys. Each “survey” is based on hard questions allowing comparative statistical analysis.

While these surveys give an exhaustive reading of the state of mind of the Employees at a given point in time, they do not make it possible to answer the questions they raise: “Why this particular result on this subject? “, “Why such a difference between these 2 departments? “Is the 3/5 score for such a service really comparable to the 3/5 score given to another?” Without an analysis of the cause, no action can be carried out. This means that a manual process follows the survey to identify causes and decide on corrective actions. This analysis is sometimes so slow that the situation has already changed by the time the action can actually be rolled out … Moreover, the new survey cycle may have already begun …

With its open approach to questioning, the POP platform offers unique opportunities for brainstorming associated with natural language semantic processing software. All in support of collective intelligence.


This measure around the 8 Golden Rules POP (*) of the Employee experience will enable the general management of Générale de telephone to identify the factors of Engagement shared by all the Employees (all businesses, all levels and all backgrounds with the company) and the Engagement factors specific to certain segments of the social structure.

The study serves as a basis to formulate the key criteria and characteristics of the Employee experience at Générale de téléphone.

(*) The POP process is based on a set of simple, well-grounded principles that have been developed from proven Customer Engagement strategies. By applying these principles to all levels of an organisation, we can transform the pyramid structures to make them perfectly rounded and help transform Employees to create Employee Engagement.