Message from Christian Salez, co-founder People On Point


Before founding People On Point with Erik Perey, I worked within leading luxury firms, the last of which was active in the design and manufacture of furniture. At the time, we took the decision to reposition the brand from an office environment provider towards a provider of a more global working environment, by including all mobility and hospitality-related places, homes, etc. These were economically difficult years.

But we stated at that time: “this crisis creates new opportunities, because at times like this people go back to core values, also at work. This is because the world is changing in sometimes unexpected ways. We believe that the concept of impersonal, flexible working is finished. Because we all want our own environment to be recognizable, wherever we are. But at the same time, we understand that we no longer work in just one place. Work is like a stream. Endlessly contactable, we are always on the go: at home, in the office, in hotels, airports, or in the car. And amidst all this movement, we keep on trying to make a difference, by focusing on the things that really matter. Even if it’s just the act of rewarding yourself or your colleagues by purchasing something beautiful and long-lasting. This is the soundest investment you can make, because it will have a dramatic effect on productivity and profit. Choosing the right furniture is an act of respect, a higher good.

It seems obvious that work should command respect, and yet if we’re not careful, this idea will fade away. In this part of the world, we can see the concept that work is a privilege slipping through our fingers like sand. People talk far too quickly about privileges gained, and rights. In this respect we go against the grain. It is our duty to future generations to hold work in high esteem and to take pride in it. Innovation and ambition, dynamism and creativity are not terms of abuse. They are words that we deliberately choose. With our many staff in Mechelen and abroad, we will keep our gaze firmly trained on the front windscreen. We will carry on thinking about what work in the future will be like. Whether it will take place in workplaces, or in multigenerational homes. Because we believe that our work and our products can fundamentally support the evolutions that we are going through. We keep on doing this by striving for innovation, aesthetics and functionality. We work with a smile, because humour will always disarm; but above all, with obstinacy, because this is and always will be our trademark. And more than ever before, obstinacy will make all the difference.”

Having said that, we needed to transmit this vision to our personnel, our human capital. I didn’t want fluffy consultants managing it. We aimed to find the right balance to make our personnel as engaged as possible on these statements. Although I had understood that it was possible, to go by Lanla, the Canadian international market leader in (e)NPS measurements, I understood that any increase from one e-NPS (Employee) would increase the NPS by…two! We were looking for people able to inspire but by doing so also capable of providing a toolkit, driven by the train-the-trainer technique, in order to ensure a sustainable strategy. And, last but not least, this work of enhancing our Employees’ Engagement had to lead to better Customer Engagement and delight, and by doing so, better business results.

In the end, we did it on our own.

But I recalled that such providers, acting as business-driven and realistic enhancers, and not as guru type top-down individuals, didn’t really exist.

Therefore, when Erik developed this very clean-cut, pragmatic approach, bridging the Customer and Employee Engagement, I felt we had something in our hands that could make the difference and create value for businesses. A feeling shared by our first clients within the luxury, hospitality, financial, digital, industrial businesses working with People On Point.

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Christian Salez, co-founder People On Point