People On Point was founded by Erik Perey and Christian Salez. For over 20 years, we helped international companies increase their value by attracting, delighting and retaining their Customers.

Together with our clients, however, we realised that in focusing solely on the Customer, organisations were missing an enormous opportunity. By engaging, enthusing and delighting their Employees, they would see further dramatic improvements in their results.

The most important asset of any company, anywhere, is its people. The most successful and profitable organisations are the ones that recognise this fact and make Employee Engagement a strategic priority. Look after your people, and your Customers will feel the benefit, too.

We created People On Point as an end-to-end value chain that applies the principles of Customer Engagement to enhancing the Employee experience, identifying and channelling untapped potential, and instilling a shared organisational vision.

The world of work is evolving rapidly and as working practices adapt, becoming more flexible and globalised the importance of forming a strong team that shares an organisation’s vision and goals cannot be overstated. Time and time again, it has been demonstrated that active, empowered, engaged people with a clear sense of purpose are more productive and more active and inspiring brand advocates. The end result is a good thing for all concerned: a more inspired team, a more engaged Customer and a positive, measurable impact on bottom-line results.

The POP process we developed is built upon a series of simple principles that have been adapted from proven Customer–Engagement strategies. By applying these at every level in an organisation, we can turn pyramid structures into beautifully rounded ones, and help to turn staff into superheroes.

Employees, collaborators, in-house or freelance — however, a workforce is made up: people are the point here.

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