Nespresso and People On Point: performance and Engagement must be based on values

Nes’sens is an ambitious project launched by Nespresso and centred on its brand values. The driving force behind this momentum is the joint creation by all teams of a defined cultural base shared by everyone, and above all, one that is in line with the real-life experiences of Employees in the field.
Four values emerged from this exercise; they constitute the ‘foundations’ of the brand and of collective Engagement. First, Team Spirit, to share experiences to serve a common purpose; Friendliness, to forge a strong human connection with our Customers and partners; Nimbleness, which allows us to release our inner creativity to rapidly develop effective solutions; and finally Boldness, the true driver that fosters a winning spirit and the daily pursuit of excellence.

People On Point supported this project, in close cooperation with the Nespresso teams. It was an opportunity for us to once again ensure that the Customer experience reflects the Employee experience, with one clearly stated objective: to give meaning to each person’s work, regardless of their job or their place in the hierarchy, in order to increase brand performance. Our collaboration on the Nes’sens project was a perfect demonstration of one of our strongest beliefs: a company’s human capital is its most valuable resource, and its leading source of competitiveness. Well done and thank you to the Nespresso teams for these discussions and reflections.


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