POPEE (POP Employee Engagement)

Let me introduce you to the section of our site we glowingly refer to as POPEE. (People On Point Employee Engagement) Hopefully you’ll get the idea…(Do check back regularly, as we publish a new one every week)

POPEE #0001

The owner of a 5 star hotel in Brazil (not the city’s real name) was walking through a corridor on the third floor one day.

On his walk down the corridor, he passed a bell-boy, called Philippe, who had been working at the hotel for 6 years. Philippe wasn’t *unhappy*, but unbeknownst to the CEO, Philippe had been interviewing for a new job across town, mainly because he felt his ideas – about customer arrivals and the bedroom loading process – weren’t being listened to, he wanted to do better and he felt like he was being left out.

Both [*employees* *people*] get in the lift.


CEO: ” Hi Philippe, how’s your day going?”

Philippe: “……….”*&%£@£$….? Silence…”

CEO: “Everything OK, Philippe?”

Philippe: ” Yes sir, I was just surprised you know who I am. We don’t see you here on the third floor very often.”

CEO: “Of course I know who you are, Phillippe, you take care of all the heavy lifting, quite literally (!) and I can’t thank you enough; it’s nice to finally meet you. I also think your ideas about luggage tagging and customer on-boarding are excellent – we’re bringing it in next month. Thank you.”


Philippe smiled, felt like he’d won the lottery, and ran to phone his wife.


Sounds like a tale?

Today Philippe Smerson [proof link ] is general manger of that hotel [ xyz] and manages 185 members of staff. Guess what? He know’s every single one of his staffs’ names.

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